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Drumming Alive

This class is taught by:
You have all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe within you. Let’s talk about how to access it. This workshop will begin with body-wisdom concepts and ways that we can access this wisdom for application in our everyday lives. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of how to hear what your body is desperately trying to say.

Next comes a soulful Vinyasa Flow-style Yoga, designed to enhance body awareness, increase intuitive connection, and move stale energy. Live drumming will accompany us as we create heat throughout the flow. In addition to moving and creating more energy in our practice, the drum will lead our breath by signaling the inhales and exhales. Intentional breathing is one of the most important things we can do on and off the mat. Put simply, an intentional breath is a healing breath, and the drum will bring you home to its power.

As you rest into your final savasana, the drum will offer you one final gift. Through a process called “entrainment,” your brainwaves will sync to the beat of the drum, reducing the speed of your mind effortlessly to the meditative “theta-state.” You’ll float in this state until we bring you back at the end of the workshop, all the while receiving Reiki and the healing resonance of the drum.

The DRUMMING ALIVE workshop is a fusion of yoga, drum healing, Reiki, and body-wisdom teachings that will help you to:

- Learn to hear the authentic Wisdom of your body
- Cultivate Present Moment Awareness
- Enter a deep meditative theta-state (i.e. deep peace & intuition) effortlessly via Drum Entrainment
- Move stagnant energy in Soul-flow Vinyasa Yoga
- Change your cells' vibration with Live Drumming
- Connect to the Healing Power of your breath
- Bathe in the healing energy of Reiki


Important notes:
- Drum entrainment directly affects the brainwaves. Discretion is advised for those with a history of epilepsy.
- This is an 18+ event
- Don't forget to bring a mat and water

About the Teachers:

Teela Hammell

Teela grew up in a tiny river town in the driftless region of Northeast Iowa, though she's spent most of the last ten years in Ecuador. Six years ago, a bout of Bell's Palsy left half of her face temporarily paralyzed. During this experience, Teela heard the voice of her body for the first time and was overcome with a felt sense of her own animal wildness. Suddenly, she had access to an infinite amount of wisdom that had been available in her body her entire life. From that point on she's been guiding others toward a greater sense of embodiment and communion with the voice on their own innate, wild wisdom through yoga, Wild(her)ness coaching, Reiki, international retreats, and "soul-shaking" immersion experiences.

Teela's main objective is to welcome her students back into their own skin. She teaches body awareness, but more than that, she teaches body love and loving the present moment, just as it is. Through a blend of vinyasa-flow yoga and trauma-releasing techniques, her instruction allows students an opportunity to clear a space inside of themselves big enough for their truth to bloom into. Her students leave class feeling more whole, alive, free, and worthy of the space they take up.

She has a background in trauma-focused psychology, crisis counseling, and is a +500 Yoga Instructor with more than ten years of yoga experience. She's the founder of Wild(her)ness, a movement connecting as many women as possible with their own wild roots.

Together, she and her partner James create an immersive, body-awakening experience, sure to drum up some divine inner wisdom from the long-muted depths.

James Fleischmann

James fell in love with the drum as a child. He played professionally and toured nationally for eight years before leaving the music scene to travel the world and experience new cultures. Upon his return, he went headlong into the business world, climbing his way up the corporate ladder to Vice President of a prominent Chicago-based technology company. And that’s when everything changed.

He realized he had achieved his dreams and felt completely unfulfilled. Worse, he felt numb to the world and to himself. After a series of jarring experiences, James left the corporate world and looked inward. His journey eventually took him to South America, where his passions were rekindled and he encountered the ancient traditions of shamanic drumming and sonic healing. At last, the many facets of his life came together and he answered the call.

After unwittingly using the drum as a form of self-healing for 26 years, James founded Resonada and began working with sound in a new way. The primary intention he holds in his work is to reconnect himself and others with something long forgotten and essential - the primal self.