Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Studio
109 Croton Avenue, Suite 205
Ossining, NY 10562
Phone: 914-236-3511
Email: kendra@dragonflywellness.net

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Yoga Classes at Dragonfly Wellness

Yoga Classes at Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Studio

Class Descriptions

Alignment helps us connect to our bodies’ intelligence. Inner awareness may be hidden due to inattention or habitual patterns. Healthy alignment helps us to be informed and safe while considering our unique differences.
We begin to develop awareness from the inside out so that we know when our form is not healthy and can feel when everything is in just the right place! This is how we flow with awareness and ease.
This class is ideal for those aspiring Yogi's who are beginning or restarting their Yoga practice or for the advanced practitioner who wants to "get back to the basics" of their Yoga practice. Come and explore Yoga in this fun and creative class, designed to leave you feeling OMazing!
Restorative Yoga has been described by many as heaven on a mat.  Come to this incredible class to find stillness, peace, opening, and deep self-awareness.  This class makes space for emotional healing, stress reduction, and is healing for the body and mind. This class also incorporates gentle yoga movements to encourage mindful awareness, prana (life force) movement, and a loving connection to the self. 
Come and dust off your mat for some quality time with YOU! This class is led by Kendra who will bring all the fundamentals of Kripalu Yoga and package it with some guided meditation to close out the 75 minute class.
Do you need a moment to recharge? In this community class, you will move through meditative flows designed to release stress and muscle tension, and stretch and strengthen the body. Taught in the Hatha Yoga tradition, this donation-based class is suitable for students at both beginner and intermediate levels. So come and let yourself sink into your mat, and leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on your week.
This class is "by donation" - give as much or as little as you can and please do not allow a lack of funds to stop you from taking this amazing class! 
Do you have a good understanding of basic yoga postures? Do you want to explore a wider variety of poses and styles? If the answer is yes, then this 75 minute class is for you! You will build endurance, flexibility and strength through a challenging dynamic flow where you will integrate movement and breath with classical and creatively-adapted sun salutations, twists, binds, back-bends, and inversions. A strong foundation in yoga is recommended along with a knowledge of your own limitations.

Prana: the life-force of creation. Flow: the state of unified consciousness. This gentle class will allow students to experience prana - the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence as the navigating source of yoga practice. The instructor will offer gentle hands-on assists, personal modifications and a chance for each practitioner to gaze inward as the body is honored through asana, the emotions cleansed through pranayama, and the mind quieted through meditation.

Tai Chi is a system of physical exercise used to improve and maintain health, t'ai chi can be helpful in achieving a state of physical and mental relaxation while also strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems.
Heading home from a long day at work? Want to bring the office home with you? NO?? Then this is the class for you! Come and leave the stress of your work day on your mat as you sink into your practice, sink into your inner-self, and sink into your wellness. Arrive home after this class ready to enjoy your post-work home life to its fullest!
This class is designed as an introduction to Vinyasa (flow) yoga. This class is suitable for beginner students as well as the more experienced practitioner. The goal of this class is to work at a mindful, flowing pace while exploring the alignment within poses during longer holdings, allowing students to develop a greater awareness of their bodies and minds, and to increase the flow of prana (energy) as well as strength throughout the body.

Class Pricing

Drop-In $20/per class

5-class card/Gift Card $90 ($18 per class)

10-class card/Gift Card $170 ($17 per class)

20-class card/Gift Card $300 ($15 per class)

Note: 5 and 10 cards expire in 3-months from date of purchase. 20 class cards expire in 5-months.