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Ossining, NY 10562
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Massage at Dragonfly Wellness

Lauren Awerdick, LMT/Healing Artist
Willow Wisp Wellness
Massage - Energy Work - Sacred Space
(914) 534-1294

~Apothecary Practitioner~

-Multidisciplinary Therapeutic Massage Therapist
(licensed & insured)

-Flower Essences Therapy Practitioner
(Certified Woman Rising Practitioner)

-Advanced Multidisciplinary Energy Healer

-Clairsentient Intuitive Reader

-Essential Oil Practitioner

Lauren is an Apothecary Practitioner. Apothecary is an archaic term for a person who made & sold medicine. Which leads to… what is medicine?… My experience with that has brought me to the understanding that medicine can be just about anything…a hug, a smile, music or sound, art, dance, walking in nature, essential oils, western medications, herbs, bonfires, laughter, massage, acupuncture, yoga, breath work and meditation, vibrational frequencies/energy medicines, and so on can go the list. As an Apothecary Practitioner I utilize and combine several modalities, techniques, and holistic "medicines" during sessions to facilitate a space that supports the innate healing, realignment, & growth within each client. Some of these include massage therapy techniques, energy healing, shamanic healing and journey work, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, hydro-therapy, intuitive reading, music/sound healing and or breath work/. We are "re"defining what an apothecary is and remembering what the true essence and broad scope of medicine is. Each session is co-created with you to address where you currently are in your bodies (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), how you are feeling and what you are wanting.

"Life is a journey and my practice (Willow Wisp Wellness) is like the traveler's inn you stumble upon at just the right moment on your journey." says owner Lauren Awerdick "Each body is it's own Universe with it's own ecology. It is our responsibility (as individuals) to maintain it's balance, nurture it's growth, & give it unconditional love. At Willow Wisp this is a core belief and we do our best to hold a space of integrity around that. Our sessions and services have been crafted to bring each client we have the pleasure and honor of working with to that place/space within where the body begins it's process of healing."

Willow Wisp Wellness has been created in the essence of following your inner light to the people, places, moments, & events that support and nurture you on your journey toward Healing & Self. We are constantly expanding our experience, & offerings because we are continually growing too!

**I in no way am making any claims to be being Doctor or Pharmacist or other professional healthcare specialist other then a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner. Please understand and be advised that if you have any ailments, disease, mental or behavioral conditions please seek professional medical care and advice. By seeking out our services you are taking full responsibility for your self, your health, and your over wellbeing.

Offering’s & Pricing

$65/30min $130/60min $160/90min

(Packages Available)

Sessions are formatted in an apothecary style. There is a 15min intake prior to the start of every session to access where you currently are in your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual) based on this information we co-create a session to meet you where you are and that best suits you’re current wants/needs/goals.

Apothecary Modalities


-Deep Tissue (Trigger Point /Myofascial Release, NMT, CTT, ART)

-Sports Massage     -Swedish       -Jade Hot Stone    -Pre/post Natal    

-Rain Drop/AroMASSAGE      -Stretching     -KAM      -Elder Massage 

-Vibration      -Tappotment      -Integrative shiatsu     -Abdominal massage 

-Integrative Reflexology      -Integrative Facial & Head massage.

Energy Healing/Vibrational Medicine: -Flower Essence Therapy 

-Aromatherapy     -Chakra Balancing         -Tsubo & Meridian work

-Crystal Point Massage      -Shamanic Healing & Journeying 

-Munay Ki Rites       -Bodywise Meditations      -Breath work     

-Polarity therapy       -Sound bathing.

Intuitive Readings

Ear Candling

Hydro Therapy:  Jade Hot or Cold Stones, Castor Oil Packs, Hot/Cold soaks (hands or feet)

Aromatherapy bar & Water Bar

Specialty Sessions

Flower Essence Therapy: These sessions are geared toward the co-creation of a unique formula to support the delayering, repatterining,, growth, & support of  moving through the layers of symptoms caused by old beliefs, past traumas, and experiences that are no longer serving you. Flower Essences are remedies/vibrational plant medicines that are traditionally made from Solarized Flower water that is grounded in brandy.  They work to support the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies which in turn support the physical body.

RainDrop/AroMASSAGE:  This integrative technique follows a specific protocol and application of Essential Oils and possibly Flower Essences.  Supportive to the functions of the Whole Body (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually).  Great during times of transitions (seasonal or weather changes, if you’re feeling like you’re about to be under the weather (or are under the weather).  Some medical contraindications for this session.

Body Contouring Sessions:  These sessions are geared toward “flushing” the body, reducing pain, inflammation, and  cellulite, supporting weight-loss, and relaxing the body.  Utilizing a botanical body wrap and lotion in combination with light stroke massage techniques and myofascial release techniques.  (60min)

Head, Neck, Facial Massage:  These sessions are geared toward rejuvenation and relaxation.  Utilizing a botanical lotion mask we begin working through the head neck, and shoulders ending with the face.

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray" -Rumi



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